How-to Split, Merge, Rotate and Re-Order PDF Files

It sounds like a trivial task, breaking up or splitting a pdf document in to multiple pages, but without Adobe Acrobat Pro, it can be quite hard to find a utility that does this well. Luckily I've just stumbled upon a great solution. The best part is, its free.

PDF Split and Merge

PDF Split and Merge (aka PDFsam) is a great little open source utility that does just what its name implies. As well as splitting and merging it can rotate pdf pages or merge two pdf documents together.

PDF Split and Merge Interface

While PDFsam is free, and 100% functional, they do have an "enhanced" version that includes the ability to encrypt pdf documents. The cost? $1. Totally worth it.

Using PDF Split and Merge is straight forward. Just select the function you'd like to preform from the left hand side, select the file you want to change and set a few options. If you're splitting a file, you can choose to split every page into its own pdf document, split just the even or odd pages out or split it after a certain number of pages.

Also included is a nifty visual page reordering. You can view all the pages in your source PDF document then just drag and drop the just the pages you want into whichever order you'd like.

PDF Split and Merge Document Page Reordering

This is a great utility that provides some of the function of the multi-hundred dollar Adobe Suite. And remember this is an Open Source (aka free) project. Give the developers some money if you appreciate their product.

PDF Split and Merge is available here: PDFsam

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