Adobe Acrobat: "The Document could not be printed."

Recently we upgraded our Windows 7 machines to Adobe Acrobat X Standard/Pro. Some of our users were having issues with random PDFs that would not print.

When attempting to print these PDFs users would get a "The Document could not be printed." pop-up followed by "The Document could not be printed."

Interestingly I found that in most cases the issue occurred when the PDF was being viewed embedded in Internet Explorer. In some cases If I saved the offending PDF to desktop and then opened it, it would print without issue.

The solution I've come across was to replace the drivers of our HP 1320 printers from the PCL 6 drivers to the HP universal drivers. For us, that resolved all printing problems.

I've read on the Adobe forums that the issue is related to gibberish hidden characters added when someone adds text to a PDF from something other than an Adobe product. Something like Microsoft Word.

I'd be interested if anyone could come up with a "true" fix, as my solution sounds sort of like a work around.

  1. avatar Glenn Sahli says:

    Use Foxit Reader:

    I had the same problem until replacing Adobe as my PDF reader.

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