Fujitsu ScanSnap Error "PDF file creation failed."

We currently have five of these scanners deployed on Windows 7 machines. All installations were experiencing a random error of "PDF file creation failed."

PDF file creation failed.

The error did not not usually occur if only a single document was scanned and saved. However, If two documents are scanned and saved back to back, this error was likely to occur at the start of the second document. Internet searches yielded nothing, but after contacting Fujitsu support, we came to a solution.

The error stems from the fact that ScanSnap Manager defaults to saving scans into the My Pictures folder. At our offices all users have their My Documents folders redirected via Group Policy to a network share. Apparently ScanSnap is sensitive to any delay when it attempts to write the scanned PDF files to disk.

The solution is to change the scan path to something other than a network share.

The steps:

Right click the ScanSnap icon and select the Scan Button Settings... option.

Select Scan Button Settings

Then, if necessary, expand the window to show all the options for each setting. Then go to the Save tab and change the Image Saving folder to something other than a network share.

Change the Image Saving folder location.

That quickly resolved the errors we were receiving.

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  2. avatar rebecca says:

    No offense, but this resolution that Fujitsu gave you is crap and I can't believe you let it slide. Saving to network drives is ALL I DO HERE. and have been doing since first using this product 7 years ago. Now once is 7 years i have this problem (which 100 users are all saving to network drives, btw, all day, every day) with ONE user and they told you that you can't save to the network?

    Yours is the only response on the web to anything like this, though we can't be the only people to ever experience it.

    The issue is something else, I'm sure of it, but if this is all they are going to say? I will not waste my time calling them.

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