How to Bulk Delete All Music from an iPhone without iTunes

I recently wanted to update to the latest iOS release while at work. However, I found I couldn't do so because I had ran out of space. My Music was taking up over 4 gigs. I didn't care about removing it, because I could always re-add it when I got home.

The only way I could find to delete music was one song at a time by swiping left to right on each and every song. I had 5 gigs of music, that was going to take forever!!

I wanted a way to delete all the music from my iPhone at once. In bulk. In one go. Not by swiping on every single song.

I found a way to delete all the music in one action!

On your iPhone go to Settings > General > Usage. It should look something like this:

iOS Usage Settings

iOS Usage Settings
Yes this phone has lots of free space, its just an example.

Now select the Music app from that list. You should see All Music and how much space it's using. Swipe from right to left on it and it will remove All Music from your iPhone without having to use iTunes.

Delete All Music from iPhone in the Usage Settings

Delete All Music from iPhone in the Usage Settings

It's easy to do once you figure out how to do it, but I couldn't find anywhere this was documented. The swipe to delete from usage function doesn't work on most other apps... it just happens to work for Music.

  1. avatar Steve says:

    Yeah. That worked. Thanks. It freed up the space I needed to upgarde to ios7. And then as the ohone was also hooked up to iTunes the music was reloaded via the sync. Quite happy with all that but it started with your helpful suggestion. Thanks

  2. avatar Grace says:


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