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Finding out where a picture was taken using EXIF info

Posted in Blog, Random, Tech, Tutorial on August 18th, 2010 by Matt – 13 Comments

Alternate title: How to creepily stalk people using their pictures.

Since I've gotten an iPhone 4 I've stopped carrying a normal camera with me on outings. I find the iPhone's camera more than sufficient for most of my photo needs. Many other people are also doing the same. The fun thing about most camera phones now, is that they tag image information with GPS coordinates. Thanks to some easy online tools, you can now track people only by their pictures.

Lets get an example. I did a Google Search for "shots taken with my iPhone" and the first result is a blog with "9 Cracking Shots Taken With My iPhone". The second picture posted is a pic taken on a road supposedly in Death Valley. Lets see if it is.

A test image for GPS EXIF inforation

We can download a program to view where the photo was taken via its EXIF information. Programs like "Simple EXIF Viewer for Mac OSX" work well. Or you could install a FireFox extension like "EXIF Viewer", it's a very nice way to quickly view information for any image embedded on a web page. But both of these seem silly to install when you probably only need to view EXIF info once in a blue moon.

My new favorite way to view where photos were taken is to use online tools like "Jeffery's EXIF Viewer" or the "Find EXIF" website. So, using our example, we would: Right click the image, Copy Image Location, Paste the image location into one of the online tools. In this example I've used Jeffery's EXIF viewer that embeds a nice little Google Maps pin of where the image says it was taken. Results from the EXIF GPS information

And if you follow the links over to Google Maps, and drop a street view pin as close to GPS data as possible, you get this:

Results from the iPhone's GPS EXIF info

You can view the actual Google Street view location here. Pretty cool.

iPhone and Exchange 2003 Calander Issues

Posted in Blog, Tech on June 11th, 2010 by Matt – Be the first to comment

Our company was having issues with the calendars not syncing between iPhones and Outlook clients.

The primary issue was appointments created on the iPhone were not being added to the desktop Outlook clients. However, you could see the event if you viewed your calendar in list view or logged into the Outlook Web Access. They just didn't show up in the usual month or week views.

After some searching it appears it was related to beginning times for appointments not being set. You could create reoccurring appointments and they would show up fine.

The solution for us turned out to be a patch for Exchange 2003: KB958781. Some recurring calendar items disappear from the "Day/Week/Month" view in Outlook when a user uses Exchange ActiveSync on a mobile device to modify a recurring meeting in an Exchange 2003 environment.

After application of this patch, appointments added from iPhone now correctly showed up on Outlook clients.