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Redirecting Lotus Notes Data to a Network Share

Posted in Blog, Tutorial on January 11th, 2011 by Matt – 3 Comments

I currently redirect users' Lotus Notes data folder (the folder that contains their ID files as well as other personal files) to network shares. This allows for users to roam from computer to computer in our office and always have their data available. As far as IBM is concerned this is an unsupported configuration, they will not help you if you have issues. We're currently using the 8.5.1 client with FixPack 4 installed.

Preparing Users Data for the Network

The first step is to copy a users Data folder onto a network share. The location of the share should be the same for all users. For example; each of our users has a "home" drive mapped to H: where they store their personal documents. Under this drive we have a folder titled "lotus" that we place a copy of the contents of their Data folder.

After you've copied the contents to the network share, you'll need to edit the users notes.ini file thats located within that share. The line you'll need to change in that file is "Directory=C:\..." change it to the location where you've copied their data. In my situation I change that line to "Directory=H:\lotus"

Redirecting Lotus to Look in the Network Share

Now that we have our user data in a network location, we need to tell lotus to look there and not in the usual Data folder location. There are a couple of methods to do this. First is using a registry entry and the second is actually editing the shortcuts. In my experience the shortcut method has been much more reliable.

Registry method:
For each user add the following registry entry (maybe as part of a log on script)
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Lotus\Notes\8.0] "NotesIniPath"="H:\\lotus\\notes.ini"

Redirecting via the Registry


Shortcut method:
Edit the shortcuts on the all users desktop and the start menu so the target line is as follows (quotation marks and all)
"C:\(Install location of Lotus Notes)\notes.exe" "=h:\lotus\notes.ini"

Redirecting via Editing Shortcuts

Some Notes (Get it?!)

Currently on Windows 7 I do a Single User Install of the Standard Client. I've found that if I do a multi-user install I get prompted for my ID password for ntaskldr.exe. Googling has not returned a way to correct this.

While this modification does allow users to roam between computers, they can not have more than one instance of Notes open at a time.

After you've successfully got Notes functioning redirected you can delete the Data directory from the local machine. As long as your redirects are in place, it will never be recreated.

My users are not administrators on their machines. A single user install by default stores the users Data folder in the Program Files directory, which a user can't write to. But since we're redirecting that folder to a writeable location the users never have any permission issues.