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Four Official Themes for Windows XP

Posted in Random, Tech on May 7th, 2010 by Matt – Be the first to comment

Staring at the same computer screen at work day after day can drive a person batty. Unfortunately, we're stuck in XP land where I work, so theme options are limited.

Here are the 4 extra official Microsoft Windows XP themes I've been able to dig up. I've included them all in a single zip file to at the bottom of this post. Simply download the zip, extract everything to c:\windows\resources\themes then double-click on the first .theme file, Display Properties will open, hit OK, double-click on the second, hit OK, then the third, hit OK. Now under Display Properties > Appearance > Windows and buttons, you'll now have three more options. Zune, Embedded and Royale with two sub color schemes.

Royale Noir Theme:

Royale Theme:

Embedded Theme:

Zune Theme:

I'm currently running the Zune theme with Office 2007's theme set to black and Google Chrome's theme set to Grayscale:

You can download all four themes in the following zip file, installation instructions are included in the readme.txt file:

Download Royale XP Theme
Download Royale Noir XP Theme
Download Zune XP Theme
Download Embedded XP Theme